A. J. Rubino & The Pecos River Band


My Many Years of Music

I began playing in the early sixties, as a young teenager, during the folk
music resurgance of the time, although music was a big part of my life for
as long as I can remember.  Throughout my career I have played with
many great artists, Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot,
Jimmy Buffett, Arlo Guthrie and Bonnie Raitt to name a few.  Check out
the full story on the "About Me" link on the left.


The background music you are currently enjoying is from my CD
"The Bottom Line"

It is available, so look into getting your copy now!!


Legends and Heartaches

 1.   From A Jack To A King
 2.   Legend In My Time
 3.   Scarlet Fever
 4.   Waltz Across Texas
 5.   Heartaches By The Numbers
 6.   Pretend You Donít See Her
 7.   Storms Never Last
 8.   Go Chase A Moonbeam
 9.   Cycles
10.   Home From The Forest
11.   So Sad  (to watch good love go bad)
12.   Grand Hotel

Strangers, Fools, and More


Strangers, Fools, and More

1. Crossroads Sign
2. Wayfariní Stranger (duet with Terry Ouelette)
3. The Dolphin
4. Old Dogs and Children
5. Daddy Frank
6. Please Donít Tell Me How the Story Ends (duet with Christa Joy)
7. Dark As A Dungeon
8. I Donít Know A Thing About Love
9. Strangers, Fools, and More
10. Fix A Blanket